Saturday, November 5, 2011

It Was A Very Good Year....

My friend Tyson and I saw the Pixies this week...and it was good.

However, as we made our way into the venue, it hit me in the face like a bucket of cold mop water - I'm old.

There were too many differences between where I was, and where I used to be.  Granted, part of it is growing up and having maturity creeping in on my actions (some would say that it's nowhere to be seen in my actions, but trust's there), however my being old factored greatly into what I saw as a closing of a chapter of my life.  Let's compare and contrast the evidence...

On the one hand - The Pixies.  One of the few bands still in existence that I really wanted to see.  November 1st, 2011.  I am 38 years old.

On the other? The Monsters of Rock.  Oxford Plains Speedway. June 25th 1988.  I went to see Metallica who were sandwiched between several crap metal bands.  Van Halen headlined the show.  I am 15 years old.


THEN - Something was drank and smoked.

NOW - A chicken sandwich was consumed and a really good banana milkshake was downed.


THEN - Outdoor venue.  Rained all day.  I walked around, soaked to the bone, wearing both of my recently bought Metallica t-shirts.  When it got really bad, I sought shelter in the men's room or under the bleachers.  At one point, my friends and I started a fire under the bleachers using a discarded pizza box, just to get warm.

NOW - Inside show.  I brought my coat just in case it got chilly.


THEN - Kingdom Come.  They sucked.  We threw rocks at them while they tried to get through their 30 minute set.

NOW - Surfer Blood.  They sucked.  We sat in the back of the hall, discussing their weak points and how they could be better.


THEN - I was down front for all the bands.  People were dancing, moshing, puking and punching.  About 9 hours on my feet.

NOW - Sat down for Surfer Blood...was talked into going down front for The Pixies.  Three songs in, my back started to hurt and my feet started to cramp.  Someone accidentally dumped a small amount of beer down my back.  Eww....


THEN - The louder the better.  If I could have crawled into the PA and watched the show from there, I would have.

NOW - "Hey Ty? Is the bass too much? It's really making my sternum rumble..."


THEN - Still feeling the rock n' roll.  Don't want to go home but can't stay there.  Would give anything for one more encore.

NOW - During The Pixies second encore, thought that now would be a good time to leave so we could beat the rush and hit the road before all of the concert traffic started.

It's so say yesterday.

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