Thursday, October 22, 2009

Peanut Butter, Willy Loman and You...

When did being cool become so easy to achieve? Maybe it was always like that...that one special hat that hasn't been broken in, tipped in a manner that reminds one of someone taking the walk of shame across campus with their shirt on backwards. Pants hanging off of the non existent hips using the same determination that keeps Sarah Jessica Parker's own face from scaring itself and running away after the morning glance in the mirror. Throwing up various hand signals that might be gang signs or the signal for a right turn while you are riding your huffy.

Maybe they are cool.

Maybe they think they are cool.

I thought I was cool...

But I worked at it.

My jeans were worn through...not purchased with the pre-cut medals of coolness already applied.

My Judas Priest shirts were bought for 15 bucks at the Judas Priest concert. They suffered cigarette burns, rips and tears from running away from the busted party, the indignity of being a mop to soak up spilt bong water and the fadedness that only comes with wearing it non stop. It wasn't bought at Hot Topic.

C'mon for your coolness. Make me proud.