Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dumb Dora is so Dumb...

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Robert Smigel (The genius behind Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and T.V. Funhouse) will be the executive producer for a new Match Game to be aired on TBS. So far, the talent for the panel seems to be top fucking notch. I mean, if I were to do this, the panel they have assembled wouldn't be to far off from who I would want to represent the Match Game "08".

Sarah Silverman
Bob Einstein (Super Dave Osbourne)
Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall)
Rashida Jones (The Office)
Niecy Nash (Reno 911)
Norm MacDonald

Wow. The only person that I have a 1 dimensional opinion of is Rashida Jones, who I know nothing about outside of her role as Karen on THE OFFICE. As for the rest, say what you will about their acting chops or how their last project tanked...that group has the potential to make you piss your pants laughing.

And with Scott Thompson filling the Charles Nelson Reilly role and Sarah Silverman taking over the Brett Somers position? This could be really good...

Here for the full story....

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